2 years later!

New project: Theurgy.

Goals: An RPG that is elegant (simple with depth), that draws it’s players into the environment and setting, thematically and mechanically. Preferably it would include suggested paths of creative gameplay that allow a particular game table to mold the world in ways unique to that table, similar in concept to legacy mechanics in boardgames.

Subgoals: Arrive at a testable system within the next 6-12 months.

Current state: First steps of design have been taken, I have the core mechanic basically figured out, several races I would like to include, and a fairly in depth setting outline.

Setting info: Silmarillion meets Bitey’s world. A world that feels old and young at the same time, giving players the experience of getting in at the ground floor of a fantasy world’s generation. The intent is to fill the world with strange and mythical creatures and places, but keep the world small in scope, a single stage where the important historical events happen, and then, after a series of sessions the players have crafted a version of Theurgy that is entirely their own, and the world building is set aside for more standard TTRPG gameplay.

Nailing down mechanics: Skill list, equipment list, magic and ability mechanics, combat mechanics and action economy.

Down the road: Legacy mechanics.

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