Thoughts on where to go from here…

So with cabalist done (changed name from occultist because I just found out pathfinder is making a class by that name), I’m tinkering with the elementalist class I thought I would make next but I’m finding myself a little uninspired. I think cabalist, bard, bloodrager, magus, skald, investigator and alchemist is a decent pool of arcane talent, so I may just wait and see if I feel the need to make the elementalist down the road and turn my attention to other projects. I have some ideas for the illusionist and wanderer classes, and can probably whip those up very quickly, and that will be about it for class changes for now. I’m dumping the burglar idea for keeping the rogue/unchained rogue. I intend to remove the trapfinding spell from the arcane list to bring rogue back into the realm of occasionally necessary, even if it is just as a hireling.

I think my energy for class making in general is waning right now, so I will see if I can finish off the wanderer and illusionist but if not I will be moving on to other projects, more along the lines of world building. I have the outline of a world map ready, just need to give it a framework of nations, locations and that will be basically done. I want to include as many organizations, nations, cultures and subcultures as I can. I think those are the main cultural and geographical levers that move adventures. Beyond that I’m going to keep the map blank and open with a lot of location callouts with no name or description to be filled in during play by players or DM.

I guess we shall see for now. I intend to keep things open but with a good framework of things and places for people to explore. Once all of this is done it’s going to be a matter of packaging it up nicely in a pdf and getting ready for the next project.

With the general setting complete, I’m probably going to go back and edit one of my previous works, the baerbarn campaign setting, to line up better with the general setting. Eventually I want setting books for each major location done, and then I would like to see it all printed in a book or set of books. Long term goals though, for now take bits as they come.

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