Occultist preview!

Almost done the Occultist, first caster class rebuild for my re-balancing efforts. Spell progression as a bard using the witch spell list creates a lot of work, having to sift through all the spells and figure out which should hit on earlier levels. All other class features are finished though, so I would say I’m 3/4s done this one. The plan with the occultist is to completely remove all spells that have any kind of mass damage potential. The class is meant to be support utility spells, with offensive buff and debuff hexes making up the bulk of their combat actions.

After occultist is the elementalist, which is going to be basically the same idea but a rework of the arcanist and sorceror. The arcanist has a great mechanic in their power pool/exploit abilities, so I’m going to retool their spell progression to cap at six just like the occultist, and then remove all non-elemental spells and many non-elemental exploits, making this class primarily about dealing damage. The result between these two classes should be less powerful spells by a long shot, technically capping at six, although many 6th level bard spells are 7th level for other classes, and a lot of top tier exploits and hexes are as powerful as 9th level spells or even better, so I don’t feel like this changes how a DM should use CR much at all.

Once these two arcane classes are done I have the rogue-ish classes to do, the Wanderer, Burglar and Illusionist. The illusionist isn’t going to be a full caster class, having access to rogue talents, limited sneak attack and getting invisibility and greater invisibility as spell like abilities hitting on levels 3 and 7 appropriately.

Burglar and wanderer will be less about sneak attack although they will have similar abilities. Really, Slayer is the “assassin” class now, and a very competently designed one at that. Rated at tier 4, just as a paladin, ranger or barbarian, it slots in perfectly into what I’m looking for in the re-balanced game I’m coming around to.

More to come as I get these classes knocked down.

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