Slow progress, some thinking out loud…

So I’ve got two classes made for my fighter rework, and I’m looking at my next project and coming up with some trouble.

The class I had intended to make was called the Brute, intended to be the big dumb fighter stereotype, but I’ve run into some design problems. I wanted this class to be the most like the original fighter, only a small handful of choices to make, and just over all a bit more durable and flavourful, but I’m not finding any easy ways to do this at first blush. The other classes were largely kit-bashed together using bits and pieces of other classes, but this one draws almost nothing from anything except the fighter and needs to remain distinct from classes like the barbarian that it could easily encroach on.

Currently, I’m happy with a basic stat line of d12 hit dice, 4 or 6 skill points per level, probably 4, good fort saves, maybe good reflex saves, and the fighter feats, armour and weapon training. So basically all I want to drop from the base class is bravery, but there is a lot I had considered adding, but adding too much would turn this class into a potential monster.

One line of thinking I had considered was instead of making this a big dumb fighter, making it a big cunning fighter. The Hound from game of thrones is a great example, a pragmatic warrior that won’t shy away from using every dirty trick in the book to stay breathing. Bravery doesn’t fit for this guy, he’s not brave, he’s afraid of death, he’s desperate and has crossed the line of honour into dastardly tricks so many times it’s smeared into a grey highway. His only hope in life is to spend one more day out of hell, where he is undoubtedly headed.

I like this, but it presents a problem, runs up against my guidelines and goals I set up at the start of this project. If my goal with this third class is to finish off the “60-80%” of players, making it so I’ve pleased enough people that I can call it a comprehensive solution, then I have to keep this last class very broad and open. I’ve got a tank/tactician/leader capable fighter in the soldier, a DPS, feat heavy duelist in the weaponmaster, and the main thing that leaves is the regular joe fighter, the guy who fights because he’s not good for anything else. If I stretch that too far, put too much rogue or barbarian into this class, I won’t hit that mark, but I think SOME rogue would fit for the regular joe fighter, the ale swilling sword for hire. The guy that survives till tomorrow, turns up in the next town when he’s worn out his welcome. Someone that is worldly, that maybe began ambitious and starry eyed, but the world sucked that out of him maybe a bit too soon.

It’s going to be hard to hit that mark. Taking a class that has no flavour of it’s own and giving it flavour without taking away the do-it-all nature.

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