A missed opportunity and progress made!

Ok, first up I’m going back and editing the Soldier list of bonus feats, I’m going to include combat reflexes, dodge and step up as available feats. The soldier is intended to be the front line tank class in a lot of ways, so I think these feats tie in well. They aren’t aggressive feats, which I wanted to avoid for the bonus feats, but they are highly useful or downright necessary selections for a front liner, and I want the soldier to have the ability to do that without the class getting in the way.

The Weaponmaster is the next class I’m writing up, and it’s coming along well. I’ve got the core mechanics of the class worked out, now I just have to figure out if I think it’s at a good power level and fits into the game nicely. Should have the class ready for printing today. It’s worth mentioning all of these classes need to be playtested and if anyone out there tries them out, don’t be afraid to modify them if you find problems, and if you do let me know the changes you make!

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