Well it’s been a while…

So I’m not working on BLZ for the time being. It’s a cool idea I just don’t have the time to execute on right now. Developing a pen and paper rpg solo is more than a year worth of work if you can maintain interest and my life just doesn’t allow for that right now. So instead I’m going to be addressing something closer to home, Pathfinder, the Paizo edition of dungeons and dragons.

This current project has snowballed from being a small class buff for fighters into a “forgotten realms circa AD&D” setting expansion for my local groups pathfinder campaign setting, which is a joint effort between myself and the rest of our DM’s, which is almost every player at the table now at one point or another.

I set out to remake the fighter class, with the intention of bringing it up to speed with the third generation of characters that have been released, or even just the paladin. I wanted to make combat maneuvers less punishing to use, give fighters action economy options in the swift attack realm for the first time ever. Turns out I ran into the same problems every house rule home brew person that has ever touched the fighter class does. Fighters are a lot of people’s pet class, and because they are so carte blanche, everyone has a different way they like to play fighter. The only thing they agree on generally is that the class is underpowered, capable of basically one thing that a number of other classes simply do better, while being more versatile than the fighter besides. Battle Oracles, Druids, Warpriests, Summoner Sythesists are just a few options that spring to mind. Classes that have casting ability from level one, a comparable if not better attack bonus due to buffs, shapeshifting etc, better damage output, multiple roles they can fill, the list goes on as to how underpowered the fighter is when stacked against these classes.

Looking at the class tier lists people make, fighters aren’t even the most underpowered class there is, but that’s another hurdle for another blog entry.

So that is pretty rambling but the give and take is:

Fighters are underpowered and could use some TLC

Tweaking fighters in any way that makes them good at one or another aspect of combat will not be a crowd pleaser. The result must be comprehensive enough to give 60-80% of the fighter players out there what they need from the class to call it a solution. Also, the mentality around the class is such that changing the class but calling them fighter is probably shooting myself in the foot.

The solution to this problem should be applicable to the rest of the underpowered classes in pathfinder at a later date.

The solution should be less work than a complete game creation project, but doesn’t need to be a small amount of work so long as it can be broken into smaller chunks.

The solution should be something that ties into the campaign setting in a way that is satisfying both to our local group, but hopefully still beneficial to a larger audience.

That’s it for this post, I’ll begin writing the next entry immediately though, the solution I’ve decided on, then post up the first bit of work I’ve actually done on the project. Stay tuned!

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