What’s next?

Currently jotting down basic ideas about the classes I want to include. I haven’t gotten a full class finished since the occultist because of life, including wrapping up my current pathfinder campaign. Hopefully this means I will have more time to invest here and other places. I’m still working on what I want to see form this blog before I subject myself to a hard and fast posting schedule, but a schedule is incoming, and any readers I may have in the coming months will know when to check in.

Currently I do have a list of what classes I intend to make. Here is a little blurb on what they are called, what I picture their mechanics to be and how they fit into the world I’m crafting.

Inventor: This class is functionally very similar to the standard pathfinder alchemist. Instead of potions and extracts he has inventions and gizmos. I’m keeping the bomb mechanic, and giving them a unique ability to create single use items that replicate the function of wondrous magic items and minor weapon and armor enhancements in a temporary fashion. I’m intending inventors to provide utility and some moderate damage output. Thematically this class is intended to call to minds characters from lovecraftian stories where machines are made that weaken the veil between dimensions, or create or suppress strange energies. We will see if I can get something that is both thematic and enjoyable.

Scoundrel: Very much the Victorian era rogue, the scoundrel is intended to bring to mind back alley brutes, bullies and other naer-do-wells. For the advanced pace of leveling, they will gain more tricks than a standard rogue, but otherwise will be largely unchanged. Rogues fit well into any time or setting it seems.

Officer: The police officer will be a mix of the inventor and gunslinger classes. The inspiration ability with a re-worked skill list combined with a gunslinger’s grit ability makes for a pretty diverse tool bag. I just need to pare down the list of abilities these classes get, removing redundancy and snipping for theme and I should have what I want, a character that should fill the role of primary combatant while making up for possible low mental stats with inspiration, grit and a gun.

Noble: I’m not sure if it was simply the fact that this kind of character often features strongly in HP Lovecraft’s stories, but I wanted to include this class as a sort of social grease. While not being particularly good at anything, being a noble carries considerable benefits socially and fiscally. Eccentric nobles are exactly the sort of people that will fund crazy machines that tamper with metaphysical forces with the only stipulation being “I get to be there when you flick the switch”

Doctor: This setting, while having magic, definitely downplays the day to day usage of it, and when at deaths door the doctor is the person you call for. Offensively the doctor has an array of medical knowledge, genius and access to some surprising chemicals. Poison use, buff effects similar to potions, and an inspiration ability similar to investigators is a core part of their kit, but unlike officers and inventors, the Doctor gets the benefit of the studied enemy ability, applying their deep understanding of anatomy in order to deal damage. I’m considering allowing use of a syringe to apply potion type effects as a touch attack. More thought required for sure!

Clergy: Divine casting and channeling seem hard to reconcile in a dark and unwholesome world, but that is not to say the church should be forgotten. While often they suffer from overconfidence in the protection of their deity, clergy are still often the bravest and most decisive characters in horror, leading people where they need to go but fear to tread. How exactly this class will play out is going to take a great deal of thought. Cleric spells and channel energy, while very useful to a campaign are not necessarily the sort of thing you want to include in a horror campaign. I may restrict divine healing to purely psychological damage, leaving actual wounds to the doctor, but time will tell.

I think that is a pretty good start as far as brainstorming goes. Now to apply a little more thought and come up with some testable stats. And a team of people to test them…

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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